Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday 1-26 contest report

Even though Saturday looked promising, blow off from a huge thunderstorm in the SW corner of North Carolina helped to cool soaring conditions in the Contest area in mid-task. Best flight of the day was turned in by Bob Hurni #190, who managed 22 miles in very difficult conditions.

Your author made a start along with Ron Schwartz #480 and Charles Cook #153 at about 4,300 MSL, made about 8 miles out on course and penetrated into the first cylinder, and then was barely able to get back to Bermuda High for a 'landout' back at home base.

There were some great landout stories away from the airport, but to a person the pilots have reported friendly and helpful landowners in the upstate of South Carolina. Many 1-26'ers and most PW-5's landed out Saturday.

Pilots attended another great cookout at Bermuda High Saturday night, sponsored by Bermuda High (grill fire and Frank Reid's personal fire truck demonstration notwithstanding)! Allan Silver gave a great presentation on emergency bailout procedures (Canopy, Belts, Butt!!) and his line of Softie parachutes.

Sunday promises better soaring conditions, but with the approach of a weak cold front the winds aloft are picking up. Tasking promises to be a challenge for CD Rick Sheppe.

Jeff Daye, #039

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