Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's official

Both contests are over, and we have the following results:

World Class
1. Francois Pin
2. Tom McKnight
3. Jay Campbell

1-26 Class
1. Key Dismukes
2. Jeff Daye
3. Ken Ekman
Congratulations to all, and have a safe trip home!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday 1-26 contest report

Finally, some good weather!

After frontal passage, Monday's forecast was for 5,000+ agl thermals with tolerable winds aloft. CD Rick Sheppe called a Turn Area Task from Bermuda High to Kirk Airbase with 8 mile radius, and Anson Co. with 23 mile radius. Many great flights for the day, but the best of the class was Key Dismukes flying Kevin Anderson's borrowed #192. Key smoked the field for 87.1 miles at 27.6 mph.

Weather looks good again for Tuesday so hopefully we get another day in, making a valid contest.

Jeff Daye, #039

A day to race

We had a truly outstanding racing day today. Cloudbase was over 6000 feet and the lift exceeded 5 knots in the early afternoon.

The World Class got a 132-mile Assigned Task, and the winner was Tom McKnight. Here's a picture of Tom (from a previous day):

The 1-26ers flew a 3-hour Turn Area Task, and the winner was Key Dismukes, who was happy to find the runway after a long final glide.

Faces in the crowd

Go karts

Sunday was too windy for racing gliders, so we raced go karts instead (click to enlarge).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday 1-26 contest report

Sunday looked great, with the exception of the local pine trees bending and swaying in the breeze. After 4 out of the 7 PW-5's landed back at BHSS for relights, and with measured winds aloft at 26 knots, CD Sheppe waited as long as possible but finally cancelled the 1-26 task for safety reasons. The PW-5 task was cancelled shortly afterwards.

With frontal passage in the wee moring hours of Monday, better conditions are expected for the next three days. We have to have at least TWO more contest days to have a contest!

All the best to past Association President Kevin Anderson, who underwent surgery last week. I know he is following the contest closely on-line while on the mend, and we wish him a speedy recovery and return to the cockpit. Kevin, your #192 is in VERY capable hands with Key Dismukes- first place for 5 days in a row!

Stay tuned for more updates,

Jeff Daye, #039

Better luck next time, Jay

World Class photos available

For more great photos of the people and gliders at the 2010 World Class Nationals, click here.

1-26 Photos available

For more great photos of the people and gliders at the 2010 1-26 Championships, click here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday 1-26 contest report

Even though Saturday looked promising, blow off from a huge thunderstorm in the SW corner of North Carolina helped to cool soaring conditions in the Contest area in mid-task. Best flight of the day was turned in by Bob Hurni #190, who managed 22 miles in very difficult conditions.

Your author made a start along with Ron Schwartz #480 and Charles Cook #153 at about 4,300 MSL, made about 8 miles out on course and penetrated into the first cylinder, and then was barely able to get back to Bermuda High for a 'landout' back at home base.

There were some great landout stories away from the airport, but to a person the pilots have reported friendly and helpful landowners in the upstate of South Carolina. Many 1-26'ers and most PW-5's landed out Saturday.

Pilots attended another great cookout at Bermuda High Saturday night, sponsored by Bermuda High (grill fire and Frank Reid's personal fire truck demonstration notwithstanding)! Allan Silver gave a great presentation on emergency bailout procedures (Canopy, Belts, Butt!!) and his line of Softie parachutes.

Sunday promises better soaring conditions, but with the approach of a weak cold front the winds aloft are picking up. Tasking promises to be a challenge for CD Rick Sheppe.

Jeff Daye, #039

Contest midpoint

At the end of today, we will have been racing for 4 days in the 1-26 Class and 5 in the World Class. That's the halfway point for both.

Our weather has not been spectacular, but all indications are that it will improve. Spirits are high, the evening parties are outstanding, and we are all looking forward to the second half.

Report from 039

Hello sports fans, 1-26 drivers, and ships at sea:

Your 2010 1-26 Championships are underway at Bermuda High Soaring School in Jefferson, SC.

The Monday, May 31, the first practice day was rained out. Tuesday, June 1, the second practice day allowed most 1-26'ers to fly locally for at least a couple of hours. The best flight of the day was turned in from Ken Ekman, #160, who flew and completed the PW-5 task! The PW-5 National Championships are running concurrently with the 1-26 Championships as it has for the past 3 years or so.

Wednesday, June 2, the first contest day had CD Rick Sheppe calling a Turn Area Task from Bermuda High to Hartsville, Camden, and return. Three pilots finished the task by getting high and working a fairly narrow lift band between about 4,700 - 3,500 msl. Key Dismukes (flying Kevin Anderson's #192) won the day at 24.1 mph for 60.3 miles, your author (#039) came in second at 20.8 mph for 52 miles, and Ken Ekman (#160) third at 17.8 mph for 44.5 miles. After several memorable retrieves, everyone was back at the field and assembled safely.

Thursday, June 3, we gridded late and launched around 2:15 p.m., but it soon became evident with 100 fpm lift to 2,100 agl that a task was not possible so CD Sheppe cancelled the task. Some pilots landed immediately to head to the hotel pool, and some stayed aloft to fly locally for an hour or so.

Weather forecast remains hot, with a chance of thunderstorms for the next several days. So stay tuned for more updates!


Jeff Daye, #039

Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome dinner

Thanks to Jayne and Frank for making us feel welcome and for providing tonight's dinner. After the dinner we had our safety briefing:

And here's Frank standing behind the official contest podium: